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Ex-Teacher-in-charge Desk

Dear Students,
It’s my pleasure to take this opportunity in introducing our College through the medium of this website.
Sewnarayan Rameswar Fatepuria College established in 1965 under the affiliation of University of Calcutta and later from 1999 it comes under the University of Kalyani. Our Institute has been providing excellent academic opportunities and sports facilities to students since its inception without break. It offers Courses in Humanities, Sciences and Commerce and has carved a niche for itself in the field of sports as well.
Situated in the centre of the Beldanga Town, it has a vast, well maintained and environment-friendly campus. The main college building consists of spacious, ventilated classrooms and corridors leading to the library, the auditorium, and laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Geography and Computer. All the laboratories are equipped with the latest state of the art technological apparatuses to assist students in their experiments, practical programming and research.
Apart from offering students the most relevant academic materials from its collection of over 50000 books, our well-equipped college library offers them exposure to national and international journals, periodicals, magazines and newspapers. The college Library has a large source of E-journal by INFLIBNET where a student can access the enlisted e-Book through the log in page of INFLIBNET.
The college has a well equipped auditorium for organizing lectures, seminars, symposiums and other events along with modern presentation facility through Projector. A vast and highly maintained sports ground adds to the grandeur of the building.
From school to college is a significant shift which calls for a sincere and conscious effort on your part to acclimatize to the new environment. You should choose a course/ subject not because you have been told so, but for the liking and interest in it and have an innate aptitude for it. It is this innate aptitude and your latent talent in the subject, which the highly qualified college faculty would try to bring to fore and hone, which would go a long way in shaping your career. Only in the event of your marks being a limiting_factor,_you_may_go_for_an_alternative_choice.

Your college life is not just about studies but an opportunity for your holistic growth metamorphosing you into a good human being. It is only this tenet that will enable you and empower you to carve a worthy career. The college offers immense avenues for you to participate in extra-curricular activities under the auspices of academic and cultural societies and by way of various games and sports. This is an important and significant component in your academic pursuit helping you develop and groom your personality. Your three years in the college are a once-in-lifetime opportunity to shape your destiny and ensure a happy and contented life later. Your hard work and diligence alone would enable you to come out with flying colours at the end of the course. In your success, the teachers will feel rewarded. On behalf of the S.R.Fatepuria College fraternity, I wish you a very pleasant, eventful and fruitful tenure in this college which may you ever cherish.

We strive hard to provide an enriching experience through education which is conducive to overall growth of an individual.


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